Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lets Talk Pasta Sauces - First Marinara and Alfredo

So one of the easiest meals you can make is pasta. Anyone can do it its cheap, fast and delish! So many people now a days feel that the best thing to do is just get the pasta sauce out of the bottle. This is a big no no. Not only are these full of bad preservatives but also full of sugar and salt. So to make it fresh takes no time and is much healthier for you

First we are going to discuss the simple Marinara. This sauce is basically just garlic, olive oil, fresh basil a can of crushes tomatoes a can of diced tomatoes, and salt and pepper for taste. It takes about 10 minutes to make and is delish.
Now on to my very favorite sauce of all time. Alfredo. Alfredo is very simple you just need to make sure to watch it or it will burn. It is also very fatty so not something you would want to make a staple in the household. Also i find this sauce best served with spinach fettuccine. You want to take 1 TBSP of butter and melt it in the bottom of a pot then you add on e garlic clove chopped let sizzle a bit, you then add 1 cup of Whipping cream. you will need to reduce this to have. So have on a medium heat and whisk constantly once the cream has come to a boil it is ready. So you then add 1/2 cup of Parm cheese, and let it come to a soft boil to thicken. Serve over your pasta and delish. you can also add chicken, shrimp or mushrooms.. yummy!!
There are so many more sauces to come but this is it for now.


  1. I look forward to more of your blog & THANKS for following mine!


  2. This looks so yummy!! I am trying it out asap!